You remember those cool toys as a kid – the ones used to catapult and launch things.  Those toys were always better if you used them to launch things at other people, and if you hit another person it was funny as hell. What is that?! Is it just me who finds this funny? Of course I’m not into ACTUALLY hurting others – but if you can get a foam ball to ping off their head it just makes my day.  Even the royals are getting into it:

I haven’t been blogging for a while so I’ll quickly catch you up.  I’m nearly finished my second studio album – my first end date I had in mind was March 2012…yeah, so it’s taking longer than expected.  Next gig up is 5th July – and one I’m really looking forward to is 9th July at the Half Moon in Putney.  They have fantastic sound and a great sound guy.  Check my facebook page for details, and I will put up an audio snippet of my unreleased second album shortly.


Catch you next time!


Sadism is the new black

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